Sustainable Homer was conceived in 2007 alongside the City of Homer’s Global Warming Task Force.  As the committee tried to hammer out the best adaptation and mitigation strategies for the City to take, Donna Maltz and Kat Haber started the discussion at the grassroots level as to how we all could work together to create a more sustainable community.

Over the years that conversation has focused on levels of individual responsibility and community resilience.  There are so many resources out there, so many answers already available. We need to shift our cultural norms to ones of attention.

  • Attending to our lives thoughtfully,
  • attending to our fellow man thoughtfully, and
  • attending to our planet thoughtfully.

What else matters?

Sustainable Homer is a concept, a vision.  Hopefully here you will find the resources and connections you need to live your life in the most thoughtful way possible. This is a very active little town. There are always projects that you can join into that will help make this community the place you want to live. There are also tons of resources that enable us all to create the homes and lives we can be proud of.  Plug into the network!


Live thoughtfully.